February 25, 2019

Dick Van Dyke 2019 Signing Update
We have just returned from a big group of signings and wanted to give everyone a quick update on Dick Van Dyke. We had a specific day & time scheduled with him, but unfortunately, he had a scheduling conflict and we were not able to meet with him during our trip. As such, we'll be meeting with him in March when we fly back out west for our Alden Ehrenreich signing. We do apologize for the delay. Because of the extra time, we're opening orders back up because we know there were several fans that missed out during the original Pre-Order period. Orders will now run through Thursday, March 7th and all Send-In items must arrive by Saturday, March 9th. Click here to browse more than 50 different options now!
February 21, 2019

Anthony Michael Hall Private Signing Announced
We are so very pleased to announce that we'll finally be conducting a private signing with Anthony Michael Hall in March and the Pre-Order & Send-In is now live! For those that have been waiting on him to finish previously ordered pieces from The Breakfast Club, Vacation and others, this will complete all of that. We sincerely thank everyone for their patience while we worked to get this scheduled after he left the event early that we were to have him sign at back in 2017. Orders will be taken through Thursday, March 7th and all Send-In items must arrive by Saturday, March 9th. Click here to place your order now!
February 13, 2019

50 More Spots Available For Alden Ehrenreich Signing!
Big news...we've been able to secure 50 more spots for the upcoming Alden Ehrenreich signing! If you asked to be put on the waitlist, please check your email now. You'll have 24 hours to respond and get your order secured. After that, we'll be opening the other spots up to the public tomorrow around 10:00am (Eastern). We do not anticipate these being available for long at all, so if you missed out during the initial launch, you'll have another shot here. Please click through for the original posting for all other info.

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