First Round Of Michael J. Fox Pre-Orders Now Live! UPDATED!

Here's a little surprise for everyone this morning. As of this post, we have just launched our first round of 2018 Pre-Orders for Michael J. Fox! You can choose between nine different images and one movie poster.

We know that many are looking forward to sending their personal items in. We'll still be offering a Send-In and a larger Pre-Order with even more options between May & August of this year, so fear not. Due to Michael's very limited time in Dallas, it's just not possible to have him sign the volume of items that will be ordered, so we are splitting this up into two rounds to make it easier.

This Pre-Order will stay up until further notice. Click here to view the available items now!

UPDATE: Folks, we have some awesome news to share with you in regards to our upcoming Michael J. Fox signing. PLEASE read this entire post as there's a lot of info to cover.
This past Monday, we mentioned that our first round of Pre-Orders for Michael J. Fox would be very limited and Send-In orders would be coming at a later date. We've been able to negotiate some time during FanExpo Dallas to get both PRE-ORDERS & SEND-IN items done, so be looking for a much upgraded list of options on the 26th of February when we go live with our service.

What this means is you will be able to order all Back to the Future guests on the same items at the same time by placing Fox options and FanExpo Dallas options into your cart and checking out. Please note, we will be limited on the amount of pieces we can get done, so we cannot stress this enough...DO NOT WAIT to place your order. We'll leave the Fox order options up as long as they are available, but it's very, very possible that they will sell out quickly and before the deadline just like last time.

Other great news: We are not limiting the type of items that can be sent. All Standard Send-In items will ship to our Florida office as usual and all Oversize/Overweight items like DeLorean models and Hoverboards will be shipped to our Texas office with Pre-Paid return shipping labels included so we can send those items right back out to you after the show in April.

Please SHARE this with your friends! If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us and as always, thank you for your business!

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