Second Signing With Alden Ehrenreich Announced!

We are absolutely thrilled to let everyone know that Solo: A Star Wars Story actor, Alden Ehrenreich, will once again be signing for Official Pix! This was a very limited engagement in 2019 when we offered him for the first time and this second session will be the same. We encourage everyone to place their order as quickly as possible. Orders will go live right here at www.OfficialPix.com on Friday, January 17th at 1:00pm (Eastern). You'll be able to select from nearly 60 different officially licensed photos & a dozen different posters or you can send your own items in to be signed. There will be a very, very limited amount of Character Name spots ("Han Solo") available this time, so please plan accordingly. Orders will be taken through Wednesday, February 12th (or until sold out).

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