Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington & Peter Dinklage To Sign For Official Pix
Posted on September 30, 2021 at 02:24 PM CST

We've got some awesome names to announce today. Emilia Clarke, known best for Solo: A Star Wars Story & Game of Thrones, Kit Harington, know best for Game of Thrones & Eternals and Peter Dinklage, known best for Game of Thrones & Avengers: Infinity War will all be signing for us this Winter!

Orders for all three will launch on Monday, October 4th at 1:00pm (Eastern). You'll be able to select from dozens of Pre-Ordered photos and posters or mail your own items in.

Personalization, Character Names & Quotes up to 6 words will all be available options along with CGC Signature Series options for comics & magazines.

For Emilia Clarke, "Daenerys Targaryen", "Khaleesi", "Qi'ra" and other one word names are considered Character Names and anything else ("Mother of Dragons", "Breaker of Chains", etc.) beyond one word are considered Quotes which are very limited.

We'll see you on Monday at 1:00pm for the launch right here!

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