Exclusive: Huey Lewis Pre-Sale Now Live!
Posted on April 14, 2021 at 02:00 PM CST

We are incredibly proud to announce that Grammy Award Winning singer, songwriter & actor, Huey Lewis, will be signing exclusively for Official Pix! He's been featured in multiple films (Back to the Future, Sphere, Duets, Short Cuts, Shadow of Doubt & more) and has dozens of songs featured on over 100 different films & TV shows.

With all of the Back to the Future pieces that we have gotten done for everyone over the last several years, this is the perfect time to add him to your items. If you already have something with us for other signings, we can certainly hold to add him before shipping back to you. There is a special "Add-On" Send-In option listed second on the order page that will allow you to add him to any piece you've already sent in.

We'll are offering Personalization along with short Song Lyrics & Quotes as optional add-ons.

Orders will be taken through Friday, June 4th (or until sold out). Send-In items must arrive by Monday, June 7th.

Pre-Orders are now live right here exclusively at www.OfficialPix.com!

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