Official Pix Signings Update
Posted on June 18, 2022 at 09:45 AM CST

We have been getting some requests for updates on past & present offerings, so here is a detailed look at the current status for signings we've recently completed, and for signings that are still coming.

Please take a moment and share this with your friends so no one misses it. We are being asked for updates on an hourly basis in six different places, so with the time it's taking to answer the same questions over and over again, we could be getting things done here at the office and getting your items out to you faster instead. Please think about that before you write asking for an update on something that you know is being worked on. You can sleep well at night knowing that your items are both safe and that we are working as quickly as possible to get them out for you. If you see someone else get their order, there's no need to write asking when your order is going to ship. We have well over 6,000 orders going out right now, so some customers will get orders earlier and some will be later in the process.

We recently completed a very large number of signings all right around the same time. As you would expect, that means things that have just been completed won't be shipping as soon as things that were completed prior to that.

Also, please remember that if you place an order and include items for multiple signings in it, the order doesn't ship until all items are completed. That means if one signing is delayed, the order is held until it's ready to go. This is one of the reasons we encourage customers to place separate orders for separate signings, so they aren't waiting on one random signing to get their items.

If you see a signing listed as "Pending", that means it's literally pending, and there is no further update to share, which is why there hasn't been anything else mentioned. Celebrity schedules are ever changing, and we are constantly having to change dates, change flights, change plans, etc., based on their availability. We certainly understand the frustration of having spent money for autographs, and then having to wait for an unknown amount of time. These are Pre-Orders for future signatures, not something in stock and ready to ship, so there will always be a waiting period involved. Obviously, we always try to minimize that wait however we can.

Our #1 focus right now is getting caught up and making sure everyone gets their orders as fast as we can. With that, you may have noticed that we have decided to pass on some larger signings lately. This will continue until we are caught up. We aren't going anywhere, but we will be working diligently in the office to do what we do best...and that's to provide the best quality service in the industry for our amazing customers.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your patience, and your business.

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